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School Music Fundraising

At Logan’s Roadhouse, we are committed to giving back to local communities and helping schools, non-profit organizations and charities with their fundraising efforts. We understand that funding can be hard to come by which is why we are offering opportunities to help support our communities. Through this site, Logan’s Roadhouse is providing guests with an opportunity to raise money without ever asking for a single donation again.

Organizations can set up personalized pages to sell electronic Logan’s Roadhouse eGift Cards, share the link with their friends and families and earn 10% of all sales. Groups can create fundraisers for sports teams, athletes, schools, communities and neighborhoods. It is easy for people to give when they are buying something they want and need at the same time.

Grab your friends & family and dig in with Logan’s Roadhouse eGift Cards while earning cash back for your organization. It’s easy for people to give when they are buying something they want.

To Begin Your FlipGive Fundraising Campaign

Roadhouse Donations

Please fill out the Donation Request Form below to be considered for giveaways or other support for events where you want to add a little Roadhouse!

Due to a high volume of requests, we require a minimum of 4 weeks to process requests and deliver materials. If you need something faster, try our Fund Raising program: